Getting the old phone to work.

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Getting the old phone to work.

Postby Brad4d » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:08 pm

A friend gave me this link to the Lincolns Online Forum, about a member getting a phone working. I can't tell if he's in the US, or Germany. I don't know if it applies in North America. Does anyone know if this really is converting the analog signal to digital? If so, is it that transceiver in the trunk, or the antenna he uses? Also, isn't the phone he mentions, the one that was from the factory? The numbers sound similar(Motorola 2700 International), but it looks different.
Link to his forum comment: ... hp?t=77819
Link to his Youtube video walk around: ... 1348937024
Link to the antenna he used(you will need to translate from German):
I'd love to get my original phone working. I've seen it done with large base sets for home use, but not a working system. If it's an entire system you have to replace, I'm not that interested. My phone still beeps through the speakers when you power it & dial. That dialing sound sure brings back memories of the early 90's!!
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