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Postby HotLinc » Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:15 pm

Anything to add to decrease roll , sway bar kits ect
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Re: Suspension

Postby phoenix » Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:40 pm

HotLinc wrote:Anything to add to decrease roll , sway bar kits ect

Check out my sig. The largest improvement in decreasing roll will indeed come from bigger bars. The Turbo Coupe front bar swaps right in, no adjustment necessary. You will have to harvest it, obviously. It's known as the Turbo Coupe bar but actually all of the following cars had it:

- Fox body T-Bird Turbo Coupe (at least '87-88, not sure about '85-86)
- Fox body T-Bird Sport (again '87-88, this is not as well known but the Sport trim had TC suspension, that's actually where I got my front bar from, one of those)
- Fox body Cougar XR7 (again '87-88, again not as well known but these too had TC suspension)

So, look for one of those at pick n pull, they still show up from time to time. Bring your 1.5/16" wrench with you, put it around the bar to make sure. Also bring a friend. You'll typically need a helper to pull the bar since the stupid rusty bolts will just spin inside the brackets, so it typically takes two people, one wrenching on the bolts from under the car, the other holding the nut in place from over the engine bay. Physically it's not possible for one person to do both at the same time.

For the back it's more complicated. Addco used to make a rear bar specifically for the Mark VII, it was called 415, and many of us were fortunate enough to be around when they built a batch of them 5 years ago or so. Last I heard they were out of stock. But check out their site, perhaps if you contact them they might be of help? Maybe they will build more if there are new orders? If not, you may need to look into other alternatives.

Caster plates are helpful against the roll too, really helps plant the nose even further. Fair warning: you'll have trouble finding places that will do the alignment. 3 out of 4 turn me down when they see the plates because they know they can't align the car to OE specs anymore. In a large city there will usually be someone who will align it to your desired specs though, you'll just need to find that place and start taking it there as opposed to being able to get an alignment anywhere.

Good luck!
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