turning circle improvements?

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turning circle improvements?

Postby ford4v429 » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:14 pm

anyone have a suggestion on easy way to improve the turning circle on these cars? I drove my 89 for a looooong time, only thing I really disliked was the horrid turning circle... my 8' F150 would turn a tighter circle- i used to do a U turn to turn around in front of work to park, no problem in the truck, the mark had to run over all 4 curbs.... first winter I drove the mark in the snow I learned real fast if the back end steps out in the snow, shes probably gonna spin solely because the steering would hit the stops so early compared to anything else Ive ever driven....used to have fun sliding that f150 around, could probably hang it out 45-60 degrees and drive out of it, the mark steps out a little and its on the steering stops...

just wondered if anyone knew of alternate knuckles or rack that would allow a little tighter turning- or is it just the wide air suspension control arms that limited it? My son was parking his tonight and commented on how it sucked to park compared to his expedition...
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Re: turning circle improvements?

Postby CDW6212R » Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:16 pm

The Mark VII uses the same rack as a Fox Mustang, the real difference is the longer wheel base. You may be able to get a rack with non stock stop limiters in it, but the tires will ultimately determine how far they can turn before rubbing on something.
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