My free mark vii

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My free mark vii

Postby Wrenchpowervii » Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:50 pm

So I'm a long-time lurker and a first-time poster I just picked up this free 90 Mark 7 in Sacramento California for free that's right free! the guy I bought the car to steal the engine,tranny, and ECU for his wife 65 Mustang.He posted it on Craigslist stating he will be driving it to the scrap yard if no one wants it so I called him and drove up the next weekend to tow it home with my 88 Mark 7.I towed it home 900 miles using a tow bar getting both Lincoln's over a hundred miles an hour on some stretches of I-10 so whoever thinks you can't tow with a Lincoln you're absolutely mistaken my car runs just as good as it did before I drove it 1800 miles round trip. the free Lincoln is black on black Immaculate garage kept in the suburbs of Sacramento.the original owner died so the son sold it to the guy who I got it from. That makes me the fourth owner!I want to get a stock ECU and engine harness to put in for my 408 Windsor build if you guys can help me figure out what parts were taken and what parts I need that would be great.and the car has a post 90 dash,the brake system works the only thing that failed the tests was the brake pump well if I could figure out how to post a picture I would but you guys will be seeing a lot more of me posting my build and trinketing from here on out Lincoln's are the only car for me from here till I die LOL
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Re: My free mark vii

Postby IndyDave » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:42 am

Sign me up for episodes of, "My free mark vii" !

Sounds like a great project! I'd tune in.
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