'92 BB electrical problems..

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'92 BB electrical problems..

Postby MashmyMotor » Tue May 09, 2017 11:29 pm

My Mark has been sitting..don't drive it much..16k miles in 20 years lol..only has 61k on the odo.

A few weeks ago I decided to get her started...want to drive her this summer instead of it sitting and collecting dust.
The battery was stone dead so I had to jump start. When I hooked up the cables,the horn honked and headlights flashed,like the alarm had been triggered. I took the cables off,waited a few minutes and tried again...same thing.
So I cranked her over anyway and she fired up,and I unhooked the cables.
The idle rpm's went up to about 1500 and the interior lights/dash lights went real bright...then the digital dash/tripminder went DARK :-( and a couple other systems crapped out too.

I did a post here and someone mentioned the voltage regulator went south.
Today, I got a new battery and regulator. The car started right up and drove fine,but now I have a bunch of stuff that doesn't work!
I googled for a fuse box schematic for what fuse does what,but it doesn't jive at all with what my fuses do. I have systems out,that the schematic says shouldn't be,and vice versa.
Checked ALL the fuses and only found ONE that was toast..a 4 amp that my schematic says controls Tripminder cluster and climate control..my climate control works.

So here is a list of things that DON'T work..
I have NO lights for the digi dash..no fuel gauge or odometer...or speedo..
The tripminder doesn't light up.
Clock doesn't work.
The lights on the overhead console don't work.
No light in glove box or cig lighter light..cig lighter works.no trunk light..

Things that do work..
All the outside lamps work.
Keyless entry..
windows and door locks..
dash signal and high beam indicator work..
"Alarm" light works..
Other cabin lights work..door panel lights.

I checked ALL fuses and I found only ONE that was toast..a 4 amp'er that the schematic says operates the tripminder/climate control..but the climate control lights work.
When I replaced the fuse,it blew right away :-( So I don't know what happened! Something short out when the regulator failed??
I do have a "spare" tripminder..did I toast the digi dash?? Any ideas folks??
And does someone have a PROPER fuse schematic for a '92 BB that they could possibly email me a copy of??
Obviously the one I got from on line is incorrect.
Also, is there possibly another fuse box elsewhere besides under the dash by the drivers left leg??

THANKS for reading!


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Re: '92 BB electrical problems..

Postby oldschool1 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:11 pm

Hi Jim,
That's a tall order with a short answer.
When your Voltage regulator died, it allowed about 15 volts to go to your accessories and fusible links.
If your fusible links AND your fuses are good, then you fried the accessory.
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