Alternator not working? Read this first.

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Alternator not working? Read this first.

Postby artbaileyjr » Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:21 am

All years and models of the Mark VII are equipped with an "AMP" lamp.

This lamp is PART of your charging system.

If the lamp burns out or is removed, the alternator will not work and your battery will not charge.

Before doing ANY diagnosis to the charging system, verify that when the ignition is ON and the engine is NOT RUNNING, the "AMP" lamp is ON.

If it is NOT ON, check or replace the bulb, and perform the steps outlined in the following link before attempting any further repairs.

See: ... geTest.pdf for battery/charging diagnosis.

Is your Mark VII a 1984 thru 1989? See: ... Switch.pdf
AND: ... Switch.pdf (1985 thru 1989 similar)
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