Stinking meeses!

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Stinking meeses!

Postby atouk » Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:09 pm

It's not unusual for one of my front air bags to lose pressure once in a while, so when I went out to the car, the front drooping a bit wan't any cause for concern. Then when it didn't pump up as usual, it got a bit more worrisome. In fact both front bags are now completely down, however the rear is operating fine, and is up at it's normal level. Then just for giggles, I flipped the suspension switch in the trunk off, then on hoping maybe a reset would fix it. It didn't.

First step when things go wrong is always pop the hood. That's when I saw it. A nice mouse nest made from cream colored insulation (not sure where they got it), right under the intake housing. It was a recent addition because I just did an oil change and it wasn't there then, and my suspension system was working. My feeling is that the critter(s) chewed through some wiring and front solenoids aren't actuating.

Pump is running fine and is testing at 60+ psi at the nipple. If it was a blown bag or a hole in an air line, it would lose pressure faster than it would pump up, or at least have some effect on the bags if it was getting that far.

Any ideas on where to start looking?
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Re: Stinking meeses!

Postby oldschool1 » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:51 am

You could get angry at the rodent for squatting on your lower intake. It happened to me more times than I can count. Instead, let's look at what is happening.

Your front suspension system is not holding air. Treat it like your front tire systems not holding air. Replace them, or test to see where the leak is actually happening.

Test. Remove. Replace. Test.

Here is a thread of how to test your Suspension System for leaks.


Let us know what you find after the SOAP TEST.
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