GT40 intake and heads

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Re: GT40 intake and heads

Postby ricardocordoba » Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:51 am

I've been thinking about buying another Mark to modify because "Cosmo" isn't the car to modify. From what I gather '96 Explorer heads and intake would work okay with all the emission items correct? Here's my thoughts:

Engine: Explorer Heads or Edelbrock if $$$ permits
Explorer Intake Manifold
Everything else stock

Exhaust: Not sure if I'd run an off-road pipe but, keep a 2.25 exhaust with Dynomax (Walker) mufflers and high flow cats

Transmission: AOD w/ 4R70W internals which includes the lower gearset

Other Mods: Larger front and rear sway bars. Maybe Konis or see if Bilsteins will work? Sticky tires

My second idea is to drop the Lincoln idea and get a SN95 either 94-98 or "New Edge" I suppose.
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Re: GT40 intake and heads

Postby CDW6212R » Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:49 am

The 96 to 97.5 Explorer heads are GT40's, the P heads are more common(97.5-01), and those all have an EGR pipe going to the right manifold. The GT40 head Explorers have a perfectly flat EGR elbow(the top is dead flat, easy to spot). JY's don't ask much for heads, about $40 or so here I think it was.

The heads and intake shouldn't upset the computer too much, it'll run okay. But much more is going to push the programming closer to requiring tuning of the PCM. Keep your HO cam as long as possible with that PCM.

Find at least a 98 model 4R70W trans, or any with decent mileage and buy the mechanical diode new($140 I think I paid(drum included)).
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