Can't log in automatically anymore?: RESOLVED

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Can't log in automatically anymore?: RESOLVED

Postby warwgn » Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:03 am

So I've noticed that the forum now requests me to login every time I access it.

I used to be able to have the forum set to log me in automatically.

Any particular reason for the change?
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Re: Can't log in automatically anymore?

Postby tomnh » Sun Dec 01, 2013 7:58 am

Tomnh sings the spam song. :lol:

We are getting killed with spam. so just a temp change to rid ourselves of the spammers.

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Re: Can't log in automatically anymore?

Postby cfcjr » Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:41 am

Thanks for explaining this Tom... I have been checking and double checking my internet options to see of they had changed, because of this.
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Re: Can't log in automatically anymore?

Postby RoyLPita » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:28 am

I've had this same issue since last Monday. It bites the big one to log in all the time. In fact, the system log you out while you are still on the page.

Please see what can be done to rectify this.
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Re: Can't log in automatically anymore?

Postby CDW6212R » Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:39 pm

Thanks Tom for the explanation.

It isn't a problem for me since my PC has a utility that stores and applies my user name and password into the spaces. I just have to hit the log in button. I think Norton and most newer Windows now have that password feature.
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