The first meeting of the year!

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The first meeting of the year!

Postby brent » Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:43 am

Well the New Year kicked off with a bang. Steven Erler and his beautiful black 'vert, Henry Anton with his immaculate "Mean MKVII", Pete Sharp and Steve Spears in one of Pete's many Marks, and Chris and I in the Stroker. We had lunch and a great time talking and laughing. We were just about to adjourn to the parking lot to chat some more when a young man with a Razor scooter tucked under his arm asked politely "is this the MarkVII club?" It was Shane Kennedy, who had ridden his scooter about five miles from where his Mark had over-heated. Henry, Steve S, and I went to see what we could do to help. We determined that a head gasket had blown and he lives quite a ways away. So we filled his car with water and followed him half way home. We stopped and allowed his car to cool, filled it with water and off he went. only having to stop once more to put in water. He's got a great starter car but very little money, (college student) so fixing the car may be out. This is a very special kind of guy, and a great fan of Marks. We will welcome him back to our meetings anytime.

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