20140621 Arcadia, CA

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20140621 Arcadia, CA

Postby admin » Mon Jun 30, 2014 5:51 am

20140621 Arcadia, CA



The June meeting was really going good, Chris, Ian and I arrived in the ol' Stroker, Seth and Toby were next in his new (to him) Blass and then another white Mark pulled in. None of us recognized this very clean car, but it was not long till PaulnAZ introduced himself. All the way from AZ to have lunch with this bunch of car nuts! Three white marks, then Steve Spears in his '84 mark, and then Henry Anton with his killer SE. We looked at cars and talked of parts and service. Then we adjourned to the restaurant for some great food, and more talk. Paul really does have a very clean Mark, (not even a crack in the dash pad!!) and we were very impressed with it. After lunch we return to the cars, and soon we had to say good bye to Paul who had the longest drive. There is an open invitation to all who would like to have lunch with us, whether or not you can bring your Mark, live far away or near. Make plans to make the next meeting third Saturday of the month. We'll be looking for you!

- Brent And Chris Wilson
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