20140517 Arcadia, CA

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20140517 Arcadia, CA

Postby oldschool1 » Sun May 25, 2014 3:04 pm


(For Brent and Chris Wilson)

Chris, Ian, and I arrived at Coco's at 1:00 sharp and minutes later Henry Anton cruised into the lot. Then a dark blue LSC eased into the parking lot. I at first didn't recognize the car, but the face was unmistakable; Bill Kelly from the wilds of San Diego! Then Steve Spears, and D.B. Samuels.

We spent a long time going over Bill's high tech open road racer. There are some really interesting mods done to his Mark to make it suitable for open road racing! Bill had just come back from the Texas open road race. We were fascinated by the the individual things that could be monitored from various screens. There are also some very different suspension mods to keep it on the road.

We were starving, so even though we could have spent much more time on his car, we adjourned to the restaurant for some lunch. More conversation and good food, then Bill had to leave for the traffic filled trip to San Diego. The rest of us hung out for a while longer and then with the afternoon sun sinking in the west, we parted company with full tummies and warm feelings of another great meeting. Can't wait for the next meeting.

Great cars and great people.
Henry Anton '90 SE with a fantastic paint job!
Bill Kelly with his LSC (forgive me Bill can't remember the year!)
D.B. Samuels with his always super clean '86
Steve Spears with his very clean '85
And Chris and I with "The Stroker"
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